The List.

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My husband always tells me that I would accomplish more if I had a list. On those few occasions when I have listened I did find it to be helpful. So I am compiling a list of things to accomplish with the kids during this project. There is no timeline on which these things need to be done, I would just like a more visual way to track our progress. Here are some of the things I have come up with thus far;
1. Grow some things we can eat.
2. Make a non toxic cleaner for them to use.
3. Set up a recycling center in our home.
4. Participate in a regular Mora family beach/park clean up.
5. Plant a tree(s).
6. Start a compost.
7. Write letters to local government officials.
8. Visit the landfill.
9. Teach Faith how to crochet/sew/knit (all three if I'm feeling ambitious).
10. Make our own recycled paper.

I need a few more suggestions, so please leave me a comment and add to my list.