Litter, The Sequel.

The kids are developing a passion, though it is not the passion I would have hoped for. I dreamed that they would care deeply about energy consumption, water conservation, or perhaps recycling. Nope, they have chosen a simpler problem; litter. The mere sight of a wrapper or bag will send Cole into a frenzy. While visiting a restaurant this weekend we had to pick up a discarded plastic cup from the parking lot. Faith was bothered by the fact that it was a kiddy cup from another establishment; she concluded that the assailants tossed this cup to make room for the new kiddy cup. Then while we were patiently waiting to eat, I had to restrain Cole from jumping into the nearby water to retrieve a plastic bag. " Remember Cole you can't swim without your floaties!" He then went on and on ( If you know Cole, you know that I am not exaggerating when I say On and On) about the litter and how the cops should find the litterers and take them away. Thank goodness they were finally distracted by a school of fish and a turtle, or it would have been the topic all through dinner. I am learning that you cannot force your children into action, you must relax and watch their passion develop naturally. You can model it for them but you can not expect them to imitate.