13,200 paper napkins

If I were asked what has been the easiest change thus far the answer would be easy; cloth napkins. Cloth napkins are a sort of family tradition; my great grandmother, grandmother, and my own mother always had and used cloth napkins. I acquired a collection from my mother and until recently we really did not use them on a regular basis. Now I can say proudly that I have not purchased paper napkins in four months and I have not missed them once. I was initially worried about how this change could affect my laundry ratio; we are a large family with lots of laundry. But the kids worked that out all on their own; I thought that they would each get a cloth napkin at meals (using 4 napkins 3x a day), however what they actually do is get one napkin and leave it in the center of the table and each child uses it as needed (1 napkin 3x a day). I think this is actually called SHARING, but I don't dare tell them that! 

PS:: The title is the amount of paper napkins our family would use in a year based on the national average.