Back to School

The school year is rapidly approaching and for that I couldn't be more excited. I will still have two little ones at home, but even the 50% reduction makes a big difference. My excitement aside, I hate back to school shopping. I hate the character lunch boxes, PVC pencil pouches, inferior quality backpacks. My second grader insists that she cannot use her back pack from last year, although it is still in good condition, because well it is so last season. My frustration also comes from not having good Eco friendly school supplies available in my area. I have been to most major retail chains this week to scope out the selections, disappointing indeed. For someone who is extremely dedicated yes you can find options online, but the majority of parents rely solely on local retailers. I would bet that if recycled pencils were more readily available in these retailers many of the children who will be writing this school year with virgin wood, would be throwing their recycled pencil at that strange kid instead. So if you are a parent of school age children my challenge to you is this; replace at least one school supply this year with an Eco friendly option.
 * Hint:: recycled tissues are readily available.