Remember Going Out to Play?

Interesting story in the L.A. Times about children going out to play, I was once criticized by fellow mommies for allowing my children to play unattended outside in our private culdesac in Georgia. I even had the audacity to allow my first grader to walk home alone from the bus stop ( located near the end of our street.)
"Thirty years ago, the "going out to play" culture coexisted with other culturally sanctioned forms of independence for even very young children: Kids as young as 6 used to walk to school on their own, for instance, or take public buses or -- gulp -- subways. And if they lived on a school bus route, their mommies did not consider it necessary to escort them to the bus stop every morning and wait there with them."
Be brave, let your children " go out and play" today. What do you think?



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