Celebrity Water Hogs?

The average American household uses 10,000 gallons of water a month. Golfer Tiger Woods used 107,000 gallons of water at his Orange County (Orlando, Florida) home in April. Basketball player Grant Hill used 263, 000 gallons in May and Magic's Dwight Howard was charged for 189,000 gallons in July. I was shocked by this, how do you even achieve this kind of misuse of water. Are they watering their lawns 24/7 ? 

Read the article by the Orlando Sentinel.


infusionfibers said...

Oh my gosh I can relate, how shocking this kind of information is! It's pure craziness.

When you think of the scale of all that might go on in the gigantic square footage of their homes - hot tubs, pools, huge jacuzzi bath tubs, 5 cars that need washing, huge lawns that need watering, saunas, etc (things we might never think of even) - tiger woods might even have a home golf course! (and imagine the pesticides dumped on those "green"scapes". (here is an interesting contrast... when camping, we use maybe 2 gallons of water per day = 60 gallons per month (and yep we have camped a month at a time)). Hard to imagine EVER needing 100,000 plus gallons in a month, even at home with laundry and kids and everything else.

I remember being a little kid thinking how cool it would be if my parents had a giant home like my friend Kelly's parents had. At some point later in my life, it occurred to me how silly that was (plus her parents were never happy anyway). It is all a big image thing for a great big imaginary audience. I didn't really want that at all! As I get a little older and a little more tuned in, I can think of countless more reasons why I would never want that. Your post here brings to light some of those reasons.

Here we are, trying to be gentle on the planet, and there are these resource gluttons.

I know I am ranting a bit (having fun a bit too, what more can you do!) but it is challenging. We are up against so much, and it really all comes down to humans. What is wrong with the humans? Oh, what is wrong with the humans?

Remember, let's use the deer and the chipmunks and the birds as our role models instead :)