You Said It.

Abby from the Etsy shop Infusion commented on my Burned Out post, it was an inspiration to me and I wanted to share it so you all could benefit.

Try thinking about it in terms of *life* instead of "green" - life as in living things.

Green has so many vague inconsistencies anyway, once you start looking closely... (boy it can all get maddening!).

I assembled in acting with regard to life... being in support of *life* (life as in living creatures).

While this can sound vague at first, if you really start to put this concept to action, it changes the way you might do things, from what seems 'good' or 'green' to what is real and relates to the support of living things, which includes the planet and organism on it.

Instead of thinking of it in terms of what we CAN'T do (like leaving lights on, using too many pieces of paper, too much water, etc), try thinking of it more in terms of what we CAN do. We get to creatively participate in the natural process of being fellow creatures on this planet. It might help to shift out of focusing on the nitty gritty details and into focusing on a bigger picture scheme that takes the planet as an organism into consideration.

I tend to try to use a deer or a chipmunk or a bird as my role model. It's fun :)

If we begin to take on the awareness of the birds and other life forms around us, then we become a part of a community that has a very different focus than we humans tend to have. The animals, insects, plants tend to have a total awareness of all the other life around them, in the moment, dynamically. They move in and amongst that life, harmlessly.