Better Chucks.

{autonomie projects classic sneaker}

I love Converse just as much as the next person, I actually own a pair. I will not own another. You may or may not know that Converse is now owned by Nike. Please educate yourself on Nike's practices. I hope that this video will enlighten you and inspire you.

I would like to offer all the Chuck lovers out there an alternative. You do not have to give up your style to improve humanity. Autonomie Project offers an almost identical high top sneaker made with 100% Fair Trade-certified organic cotton canvas upper and tough rubber sole. The sole is produced and stamped with FSC-certified all natural and sustainable latex. That means the rubber was actually tapped from a tree in a well managed and growing forest instead of being made from chemicals like other rubber products. All dyes used on the canvas are PCP and AZO free.But better yet, a Fair Trade premium is paid to both the rubber producers in Sri Lanka and to the shoe stitchers in Pakistan! They are also certified by the Fair Labeling Organization and the Forest Stewardship Council.



Two Tall Girls said...

Thanks for educating us, truly and for offering the alternative. Watching the video makes me want to be a more educated consumer.

Green {Goody} said...

Thank You, that is all I can hope to achieve with this blog. That is truly the greatest compliment I can receive.