Green {Tunes}

The Ditty Bops’ Abby DeWald and Amanda Barrett see performance as just one facet of their artistry. As environmental activists, the girls creatively explore inspiring ways to live responsibly in today’s world. In 2006, they chose an unorthodox method to promote their sophomore album Moon Over the Freeway. Abby and Amanda hit the road for a four-month tour, traveling cross-country from Los Angeles to New York City solely by bicycle. They rode over 4,700 miles and performed 40 concerts along the way to promote clean air and cycling. For their efforts they were named as one of Billboard Magazine’s Top Ten Green Bands and received The Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition’s Roll Model Award.

In Spring 2007, The Ditty Bops started the environmental nonprofit “You And I Save The World.” The group helped pass America’s first plastic bag ban in San Francisco, for which Abby and Amanda were presented with a certificate of honor from the city’s Board of Supervisors. The following Summer, The Ditty Bops toured through farming communities across the country, to bring attention the struggles and achievements of family farmers. Their tour raised money for sustainable farmers and culminated with a performance at Willie Nelson’s nonprofit concert Farm Aid.

Back at home in Los Angeles, Abby and Amanda have reinvented their urban life - ditching their cars and converting their cement driveway into a living, edible garden, complete with organic fruit trees and dark leafy greens. Drawing inspiration from this, they wrote a new crop of songs for Summer Rains, in which life becomes an ongoing celebration of the regeneration of modern culture, offering a lullaby to a transforming living planet.