Vote the Environment

by Jack Johnson
Surf 2008

Not only are we a product of our environment, we are an integral part of it. This statement seems obvious enough, but in our modern culture human beings often feel separate from nature. We see this when we vote: the environment has become only the 10th most important issue on a list after war, healthcare, education and other concerns. As the foundation for all of life and all human endeavors, the environment should be our first and most important consideration.

When you vote for candidates who support environmental programs, such as school gardens, you are not only supporting education, you are supporting better childhood nutrition, and you are reconnecting the next generation of voters to nature. When you vote to improve water and air quality, you are voting to improve human health. When you vote to provide incentives to use renewable energy, you are helping to create jobs and energy independence, in turn making an investment in peace.

When you Vote the Environment, you are not voting for one isolated issue, you are voting for all of the issues on the list. You are casting a positive vote for life on earth.