The Corner Store

I don't write much about the green/organic movement in my area, it hardly exists, but just 215 miles north of my city lies a green needle in a largely brown haystack. The Corner Store, in historic downtown Plant City, Florida, is chock full of organic local fare and home goods.

The Corner Store's owners, Joe and Cynthia Diaz, are transplants from San Francisco {in my opinion all good things come from SF}. Working at the Ferry Building Farmers Market, Cynthia developed an appreciation for local farms, seasonal products and artisinal foods from around the world. Since becoming a mom, she has been busy in the kitchen making baby and toddler food for Joe Thunder, using fresh, local, organic ingredients. Joe has a background in architecture and industrial design. As a general contractor sustainable building is an important aspect of his work. He specializes in designing unique pieces for your home.

This is their philosophy:
"In order to reduce our impact on our environment and for our health we recommend and use the most sustainable products and practices available to us. Organic and local produce, fair wages and working conditions, recycled materials, composting, and natural cleaning and beauty products are all important features of the services we provide and the products we support. We will be hosting guest speakers and events to promote sustainable and Eco-friendly practices.

We embrace the Slow Food philosophy and by supporting local agriculture and food artists hope to bring a fresh alternative to eating and living in Plant City. We hope to foster a sense of community as well as providing our consumers the best quality ingredients possible. The Corner Store strives for a unique shopping and dining experience and a place to refuel your body, mind, spirit and pantry!"

The Corner Store will even deliver meals to your door, and just look at the menu, yum! I only wish it was 200 miles closer.



Sweet Greens said...

Wow! in Florida. Who knew?

Rebecca said...

Cool! But alas. There's a place in Plantation (of course as I type this the name escapes me) that is supposedly a green boutique. I'm not sure where you are/if that's too far. Anyway, just wanted to let you know I feel your pain on the FL front.

Green {Goody} said...

If you remember please let me know. I am in West Palm but I make my way south occassionally.


Rebecca said...

AHA! Green Dwellers. As I said, I haven't been there so I can't vouch, but, hey. Also, I've been curious about this place. If you're ever up for a field trip...

Green {Goody} said...

Thanks Rebecca!

Green Dwellers looks interesting, may have to check it out. Actually I know a product that they may want to carry. Their website leaves much to be desired though.

Eclectica actually came to me. {well not me personally but Palm Beach County} They had a booth at Stitch Rock, which I blogged about here:

Where are you located in Florida?

Rebecca said...

Yeah, I agree about the GD website. Looks like someone threw up on it. I don't remember Eclectica at Stitch Rock, though I went in the middle of a bad rainstorm and was sort of wet and cranky and distracted. I'm in Boca Raton, which is, as you can imagine, a hotbed of eco-friendliness. :P