Green Tip {Tuesday}

Look for a crib made from solid wood rather than pressed woods, which can contain formaldehyde and other chemicals you might want to avoid. They can be hard to find and they can be expensive. Pacific Wood makes solid maple cribs, which are available here, here and here. Lifekind sells a solid wood crib, and Q Collection Junior sells cribs and other nursery furniture that is made with Forest Stewardship Certified or locally sourced wood. The company also uses formaldehyde free glues and low VOC paints and stains. Vintage is another option but remember to test for lead.

If possible, spring for an organic mattress made from unbleached cotton, wool {which has natural fire retardant properties}, and natural rubber foam padding. They too are more expensive than conventional mattresses, but it's worth it if you can afford one. One option is to buy a used crib and put your savings toward a good quality organic mattress. You can find them at Lifekind, Dax Stores, Our Green House, and The Organic Mattress Store.

If you do buy a new conventional mattress for your baby, remember to let it air outside before using.

photo via::flickr