I Might Be Famous In France.

I have no idea what this says. I know it relates to Green {Goody} winning The Homie award. It could possibly state that they think I didn't deserve it in the slightest, and that's ok, but please don't tell me if that is the case. I like my delusion better.

UPDATE: Please read the comments to find out what it really says. Pssst. I was wrong.


Irene said...

It says, roughly, that they saw your article on furoshiki with the demonstration video and a link to their (Zabelou's) shop and that it was essentially copied by Apartment Therapy's Re-nest the next day (complete with video and link), and that they're upset that AT did that.

Green {Goody} said...

Awesome. Thank You! I didn't know that Re-Nest did that.

Irene said...

They're apparently pretty sneaky over there at Re-Nest.

Good work on the blog, btw!