Pure, as in Furniture.

"Green Furniture is not about the colour, it's about the principles: sustainability, health & awareness. At PURE we know the materials we use in our furniture impact our ecosystem and the ecosystems where our materials are produced. We use only the finest and purest sustainable materials in our furniture. We care deeply about the environment and how our furniture affects all who come into contact with it. We care about the health of the people who make the furniture, sell the furniture and especially of those who live on our furniture. These factors are ever present with each decision we make. We honestly believe that each time we make a "smart" choice we are helping to create a better future for our planet, our health, and our children.

For designers and architects creating healthier, sustainable spaces, PURE eco furniture counts towards the collection of LEED points. All materials are biodegradable, sustainable, non-emitting finishes and internal materials, and certified wood and fabrics.

Luxury without compromise."
I couldn't have said it better, and I couldn't love Pure's designs more. Enough said.