" The More Things Change, The More They Remain... Insane."

I created Green {Goody} over a year ago, and my goal was to create a fun and inspiring place to learn and grow within the green movement. Having a background in design, I also wanted to showcase the small {via Etsy} and large triumphs in green design. I have done my very best to fulfill this and have enjoyed building a home for my thoughts and the many things that inspire me. I have enjoyed getting to know my readers and have made so many amazing friends.

As new and exciting personal business ventures have arisen, it has become increasingly harder for me to keep up with the responsibilities of my family, the posts brewing in my head, and the requests filling my desktop folder. I have had several wake up calls lately, gentle reminders that perhaps my priorities have been askew. Don't worry, Green {Goody} is not going anywhere, but a change is in order. I will only be posting here once a week and will be sharing many of my green thoughts and likes via Twitter. This site has never been about numbers and gaining Internet fame, I hope that Green {Goody} continues to grow organically, but with no pressure on me to do so. So, subscribe to my feed and follow me on Twitter, I'll see you around.



Chakra Pennywhistle said...

Looking forward to your weekly posts sweet gal ;)

See you on twitter:)