Oh, Skip.


I love the new blog Urban Weeds, I'm a big fan of street style and Portland. I just have one question: Did I miss the press release about American Eagle being an Eco friendly company? However, I applaud Skip because indeed 99% of his outfit IS Eco friendly, and he is representing one of my favorite companies, but environmentalists have to be careful what they say. Unfortunately, people are always searching for our hypocrisy, I hate that but it is true nonetheless, which is why we should claim that we strive to purchase things consciously and fail often. Very few can say they ONLY purchase products that are "...good to the environment."

**UPDATE:: This post changed the way that Urban Weeds does business. That's pretty rad. Lisa left a comment, check it out!**



Urban Weeds said...


I'm so glad I came across this. I'm the photographer for Urban Weeds! In defense of poor Skip, I don't know what he said. What Chelsea was doing was paraphrasing. I think what we'll do in the future is take the quotations out.

Skip is a great guy. Really sweet, and I'd hate to have him run across this and feel misrepresented. He was not militant about only buying eco friendly, but it was important to him. (I personally don't know anyone who is 100% eco perfect.)

I'm really glad you wrote this. It will change what we do in the future. (We're new to this and not journalists... just stylist and photographer... sorry world!)

Anyhow, my apologies to you and my apologies to Skip.


Lisa Warninger Photography

Urban Weeds said...

By the way... awesome blog! I love it!!!

- Lisa

Green {Goody} said...


Thank you so much for commenting! I adore what you guys are doing at Urban Weeds. Skip is adorable and looks like he is a great guy who cares about the greater good. You're right, no one is 100% Eco perfect, I currently rank about 49.5% myself.

Quotes are tricky, they are pretty black and white, no gray area. I hope you and Chelsea and Skip understand that I meant no malice in this post. No apologies necessary to me or the world.

Kudos to Urban Weeds!