Not a Madsen.


Yes, I realize that the Madsen cycles are the current bike trend, the Internet is a buzz for the bike with the bucket on the back. I'm about to rebel against you Internet and say I'm not really a fan. To me having a load behind me would be HEAVY, and if it's empty--well I'm kind of wasting my energy. I have no energy to spare. Leaving it chained up at my gym, which is a mile from my house, would be awkward. That being said, we are an Electra family. We adore the style and so far they hold up extremely well to my childrens' wear and tear. Looky what I found-- a collaboration between Alexander Girard and Electra. My cup runneth over.



Jess said...

I tend to agree ... Not really a fan of the Madsen bikes. I have a Trek bike (hybrid) that I LOVE, but this Electra is pretty snazzy too. :-)

Le-Chat said...

When I see that double length chain on the Madsen I'd never choose it. That seems a liability for breakdown. Here's a model currently favourite in my country:
Not my choice either because of it's size, but it makes more sense to me. We have a separate cart we can hook up to any old bike when we need to haul a big load.
Love the Electra! My first ever kid's bike was red.