"She Works Hard For The Money, So Hard For It Honey."

So-- I've removed my search feature. I have discovered that it isn't my FANTASTIC readers using the feature to educate themselves on a particular subject, it's fellow bloggers using the search feature to find and then use my work on their own blogs. I'm not griping, it's the nature of the Internet beast. However, I will make you find and steal 'interpret' the hard way. You want my content--fine, but you will have to work for it. Enjoy!



pambamboo said...

You mean they're using your posts and not crediting you? Most blog posts I see that come from other blogs are (1) credited and (2) brief so the reader will go to the original blog to get the full story. Check out Super Punch for his thoughts on this.

But if you're not being credited, that's just plain rude not to mention bad karma! :)(:

alexkeller said...

so hard, honey, honey!
(it's so refreshing to find someone that realizes this is the nature of the beast - doesn't make it right, but it's nearly inevitable)