Do You Hear What I Hear?


One of the things I strive to do as a parent is to foster an appreciation of vintage in my children. Without knowing my Grandma Shirley did the same for me. Her refusal to embrace technology in the eighties and continue to use and love all she was accustom to in the forties and fifties, led to my love for these things as well. Her bookcases were only filled with the books my own mother and her siblings enjoyed as a child. I spent countless hours as a child reading the stories of Dick and Jane cover to cover. Today I collect vintage children's books. Cawinkydink? I don't think so. Maybe you don't want to collect vintage books but you'd like to share the classic stories of your own youth (or mine) with the next generation. Well then, meet Kiddie Records Weekly. Get to know each other, introduce her to your friends, acquaint your children. Don't let Junie B. Jones replace Jane. Seriously.