{Goody} in Bed.


At some point in the not so far away future (fingers crossed) I'm going to need to replace my current bedding. Currently I have an organic cotton duvet from PB very similar to this, only more paisley than floral. It has served us well (4+years) and truthfully if I had a sewing machine I could probably salvage it and get a few more years out of it. To date my only complaint about PB bedding is that it holds up a little to well. I tend to like an excuse to replace things more frequently. Can I hear an Amen? So I put my feelers out to see what tickles my fancy (or not so fancy) in organic bedding 2011. Remember my last post where I stated that I'm usually drawn to neutrals, greens and blues? Habits are hard to break ya'll. It seems my bedroom palette has little to no chance for drastic change anytime soon. I'm drawn to this Jersey Duvet because my boys have a jersey duvet cover that I capital L Love. It is a great weight and works beautifully with or without their down comforters inside and that is dandy for Florida summers. I love both the chevron stripe and the ikat striped sheets from West Elm. I have a long time obsession with chevron but I'd probably go with the ikat because it is slowly becoming my new fav. Trend alert: you will be seeing a lot more ikat this spring and summer. Get on board.

1. Organic Jersey Duvet
2. Organic iKat Stripe Sheets
3. Organic Chevron Stripe Sheets