Let's Talk Graphic Design.

I'm a visual person. I was tested as a teen and it was then that I learned that the strongest connection to my brain was from my eyes, and my weakest was from my ears. I eat, sleep and think design. It is all in the visual details and every last one of them has to be perfect before a product, website, or person (yes, I said that) meets my approval and earns my respect or money. Given two options I will always choose the best designed option over the superior product. Sad but true. It's not the easiest way to live, constantly scanning the world and judging. Let's face it 91.4% of the world is just ugly and/or poorly designed. Most people could care less about surrounding themselves with great design, but for those of us that do there are usually no exceptions. Everything must meet impossible standards and even those that make the cut can be tossed aside when they no longer thrill our visual sense.

So I plea with you, if you are developing a product, business, or website put your money where your design is. Hire the very best graphic designer you can afford. Trust their talent and not yours.

Above are two safe and natural alternatives for nail polish directed towards children (which I've written about the importance of before.) I'm sure that they are rather similar in quality but in my humble opinion they are very different in branding. Question: Which do you choose: Piggy Paint or Hopscotch Kids?

˙spıʞ ɥɔʇoɔsdoɥ :ɹǝʍsuɐ ʎɯ

P.S. Hopscotch has a sister brand for women with design that is spot on. Well done.