HELP ME SEE. / The Great Eyeglass Hunt of 2011

I've worn contacts for eighteen years and until lately I have had no problems. Now when I wear them it constantly feels like I have something in my eye. I guess when you reach the convalescent year of 32 your eyes revolt against such intrusiveness. So I am hunting for specs. I already own a Prada pair that I love but if I'm going to only be wearing glasses from here on out, one pair isn't going to cut it. That would be like having only one pair of shoes, no? I have been working with, trying out, and scoping several different companies so I'm not mentioning what brand(s) I'm modeling. Note: I use the term 'modeling' very loosely. I will let you know which pair/brand I end up going with because I know you'll be at the edge of your seats waiting.


P.S. I believe this is the first time I've posted a picture of myself on Green {Goody}, so go easy on me. I apologize for the lame Photobooth photos and the weird expressions. Just go with it.