Suck Six Stainless Straws. (say that six times fast.)

I overheard a conversation about food addiction on TV and they were explaining how to know if you have one. The speaker said "if you get anxiety about not having ______blank______ for a period of three days"...than it classifies as an addiction. I have no such food addictions. Then I glanced (longingly) at my sparkling water and indeed the thought of going even one day without it makes me break out in a cold sweat. For reals. I have made the attempt to go without before and I have just one word for you--GRUMPY. That is the nice word, there is probably a more fitting one. To relieve the guilt of my 'habit,' as I guess I must now refer to it, I buy it in cans rather than plastic and I recycle them. Anyway, I do have an acrylic straw that one of my children got at a birthday party that I havestolen borrowed because there is something more gratifying about drinking my sparkling water from a straw. I am crazy. Period. Is it nuts to add these stainless straws to my birthday list? Don't answer that.