Oh Happy Day!

Being that today is Earth Day I took the opportunity to find out just how much the kids already know about mother earth and the environment. I'll give you a break down;
Cole: "We should recycle"
Me: "That's good Cole, what does it mean to recycle?"Cole: {blank stare} followed by {silly face}

Me: "Kate, did you learn anything new about the earth today?"
Kate: "Yes."
Me: {excitedly} "What?"
Kate: "I love Ms. Angela!"

And then...
Faith and I begin a serious discussion on the effects of global warming;
Me: “Increasing global temperature will cause sea level to rise...blah blah blah blah
Faith: {after I pour my heart into this discussion for 10 minutes} “Huh, I didn't hear you, Cohen was screaming."
Me: " We'll talk about it again some other time."