Cohen and his Bop.

I am frightened by the BPA epidemic propaganda, everywhere I turn there it is; Bisphenol A will kill you and your children and oh yeah your little dog too. Kids have been drinking from plastic cups for decades and now parents have that to feel guilty about too. And although my children were breast-fed for a good period of time each had an occasional turn on the plastic bottle. To ease my worries about BPA we have made a couple of changes, Cohen is using  Siggs' children's bottles instead of sippy cups. This will lower his exposure dramatically since at this age he is attached to his "Bop." Sigg Bottles are stainless steel on the outside, but it's the inside coating that makes them unique. This coating is resistant to fruit juice acids, energy drinks and virtually any consumable beverage. The liner is also taste and scent neutral so there is no lingering smell or taste of the last beverage you drank. The children each have their own Sigg bottle and we are trying to use them more often than not. I only wish that they would develop a non-leaking attachment. Are you listening Sigg?