Green Tip {Tuesday}

Don't flush your drugs! It was recently reported that trace amounts of pharmaceuticals, including antibiotics and sex hormones, are present in our drinking water. It is time to think about how we dispose of what's in our medicine cabinet, instead of pouring that expired cough syrup down the drain or flushing unused pills, the FDA now asks people to mix drugs in a sealable bag with coffee grounds or kitty litter and then throw them out.

*Note: I realize that this tip endorses the use of a plastic bag, but being green is about balance in our choices, and I would rather use a plastic bag in this case then subject my children to unnecessary pharmaceuticals via drinking water.



Laura said...

You can also place water in the bottle, shake to dissolve the drug, put the cap back on, tape the bottle closed, and throw away. Pharmacists also recommend removing the label (to protect your privacy).

Green {Goody} said...

That's a great tip too. Thanks!