Burned Out.

Here's my true green confession; I'm burned out. Lately I have been so consumed with thinking green, and by this I mean constant thoughts of - Is this green? How can I make this more green? Can I blog about how green this is? Am I really green? Are my kids even getting this whole green thing? You get my point? I need a green hiatus, would I feel better if I left a room and kept the light on, or drove my car around with no place to go? You known a green rebellion of sorts. I'm not sure what the answer is, but I can say that this lifestyle has become burdensome. I need to go back to the infancy stage, the excitement of the green discovery.  I still enjoy meeting people who have that sparkle in their eye, they are excited about the changes they are making, I want that back. I think what I am suffering from is a condition known as Post "Green" Depression; symptoms include- environmental anxiety, Eco fatigue, green guilt, and organic paranoia. Support group to start soon. Want to join?



Carrie and Justin said...

I can honestly say that I know exactly how you feel! It can become quite a burn-out inducing thing, can't it?
One thing I find that makes me feel better is to take some time out, look around as count all the good green things I've/we've done: planted trees and gardens around the house, eco-friendly changes in our lives, and so on. That always seems to make me feel better.
Of course, I usually do this while noshing on something totally "naughty" like ultra-rich ice cream, or a bag of doritos, or just doing something small that isn't too destructive but is allowing me a little non-green break! ;)
Hang in there mama, you're doing a wonderful job!!! And don't feel awful when you need a non-green break. (Hmmm .. perhaps we need to have another color-name for a non-green break)

Green {Goody} said...

Thank You, I knew I was not the only one who has ever felt this way! It should not be shameful to admit that even the most dedicated greenie can get a little burned out.

Anonymous said...

Try thinking about it in terms of *life* instead of "green" - life as in living things.

Green has so many vague inconsistencies anyway, once you start looking closely... (boy it can all get maddening!).

I assembled in acting with regard to life... being in support of *life* (life as in living creatures).

While this can sound vague at first, if you really start to put this concept to action, it changes the way you might do things, from what seems 'good' or 'green' to what is real and relates to the support of living things, which includes the planet and organism on it.

Instead of thinking of it in terms of what we CAN'T do (like leaving lights on, using too many pieces of paper, too much water, etc), try thinking of it more in terms of what we CAN do. We get to creatively participate in the natural process of being fellow creatures on this planet. It might help to shift out of focusing on the nitty gritty details and into focusing on a bigger picture scheme that takes the planet as an organism into consideration.

I tend to try to use a deer or a chipmunk or a bird as my role model. It's fun :)

If we begin to take on the awareness of the birds and other life forms around us, then we become a part of a community that has a very different focus than we humans tend to have. The animals, insects, plants tend to have a total awareness of all the other life around them, in the moment, dynamically. They move in and amongst that life, harmlessly.

Green {Goody} said...

Abby (Infusion),
Thank You so much for this comment! It is beautiful and I am going to print it out and keep it on my desk. You are an inspiration! Also, I LOVE some of the new products in the shop!

Anonymous said...

infusion- that is a beautiful comment. Inspired me as well.

Anonymous said...

Thank you both. Cameron, It's really fun for me that you are inspired enough to print this out! I really appreciate this blog that you have put such momentum behind. Your efforts, sharing and caring are exactly what we all need! Yes, "I Read green {goody}" :)