The only reason I would ever consider living in New York City.

"Why not just buy a house in the country, where the soil doesn’t need to be elevated six stories? It would doubtless be easier, but …. The trees are getting larger now, and more birds are visiting the roof. Monarch butterflies migrate through. A beehive produced plentiful honey, until the colony collapsed last year. Charlotte picks berries for her cereal, eats fresh (pale blue) eggs, rides her tricycle on the grass, and has picnics in any season."
-Wendy Goodman

::Read article, New York Home Design


eco fashion junkies said...

check out what we did with out balcony,545.html

Green {Goody} said...

Great little garden you have there, eco fashion junkies!

Nathalie Brault said...

I can't believe it, it is so beautiful. I live in teh country so I would never live in the city again even for this. I can,t stand the people. I,m a recluse