Green Tip {Tuesday}

Green Stains? Eco Friendly dry cleaning services are popping up everywhere. Beware of their claims, some green cleaners are still using percholoroethylene (perc), a solvent that can cause dizziness and fatigue as well as pollute our water and air. You service claims to be perc free huh? Well, perc free cleaners may use unhealthy substitutes, like petroleum based hydrocarbon solvents (DF- 2000 and EcoSolve), which are flammable and potentially toxic. Even the harmless sounding solvent Green Earth, aka siloxane, has been linked to uterine cancers. A safer choice may be liquid carbon dioxide, which has no known risks and produces no additional greenhouse gases. (Find a location). My solution- Forgo dry cleaning all together, it's been almost two years since my husband's work shirts have seen a dry cleaner.



golly molly said...

ok, i know you wrote this for green reasons, but i will use it to justify my guilt of having a bag hanging in the hallway for the better part of 4 months "to take to the eco++ cleaners."
now i can just forget it all together. DONE.
love crossing that one off the list.

Green {Goody} said...

That's a win win in my book.