MPG's please.

I have started using the FuelFrog service and I thought I would share. FuelFrog will compile and trend information about your gas efficiency and the amount you are spending at the pump. I use it from my cell phone via Twitter, so I find it to be very convenient. In the future, you'll be able to compare your vehicle to others and see how you stack up.

Here how it works:

1. Get a Twitter account. (Don't forget to follow me, @greengoody)

2. Register for a FuelFrog account.
3. Enter your Twitter Username on the Settings page.
4. Enter your fuel data, either metric or Imperial .
* Example (miles, price, gallons--MPG): @fuelfrog 342 3.239 10.293
* Example (miles, price, liters--MPL): @fuelfrog 342 1.30 38.962
* Example (kilometers, price, liters--KPL): @fuelfrog 550 1.3038.962
I haven't been using the service very long so I will update you as I go. Try it with me and tell me what you think.