Green Tip {Tuesday}

Air it out. Open your windows for airing rather than using a commercial air freshener. Air fresheners contain synthetic fragrances that can aggravate asthma and allergies. In 2007, the NRDC tested 14 brands of common household air fresheners and found phthalates in 12 of them. Phthalates are hormone disrupting chemicals that have been linked with reproductive problems, these chemicals were even found in the products labeled as "all natural" and "unscented." Phthlates were not listed on the products labels or packaging. Read more.



ecogeneration said...

You are so right about air fresheners. And candles are not healthy alternative either since they actually pollute the air instead of getting rid of bad odor.

Check my blog about using used coffee grounds as air fresheners (other uses).


Two Tall Girls said...

There is nothing better than letting fresh air into the house. I love to open everything up especially during the winter time on a nice day when everything has been closed up for so long. It's truly a sensory experience!

Green {Goody} said...

Thanks for the coffee tip, I'll have to try that. Does it work for deadly diapers?