Batter Buster.

From a marketing perspective Batter Blaster has gotten it right, the air is a buzz about organic pancake batter in a can. In my opinion BB is a marketing success and a food fail. It lacks any fluffiness and oh yeah--taste. I usually make pancakes from scratch so maybe I had high standards--you should try it. {Just buy with skepticism and then be pleasantly surprised or in my case--right.}



Anonymous said...

Provided you're going to make prefab pancakes (bleah), wouldn't a dry mix be greener?

Emily Weaver Brown said...

we bought these this summer for camping and loved them. In my mind this is the perfect camping food because it totaly eliminates 4 dishes that you would otherwise have to wash (mixing bowl, whisk, measuring cup, spatula). I hate washing dishes while camping so when I saw this at the store I jumped on it. Of course they are not as good as homemade pancakes but I wouldn't expect them to be. We dropped fresh blue berries in them while on the griddle and they were delicious.

Green {Goody} said...

I can see the benefit of the can o' cakes for camping - if you need a pancake fix in the woods.