Surfs Up.

The surf culture has been known to harbor environmentalists--but now the actual boards are catching up. The San Francisco based Two Birds Fly is a collaboration of local craftsmen and artists who hand make, hand draw, and hand glass each board using Biofoam {an agriculturally altered blank that utilizes about 50% organic content} and Bamboo fins. These boards feature amazing art to boot--current artists include:Marc Andreini, Thomas Campbell, Jeff Canham, Manuel C. Caro, Amy Jo Diaz, Kyle Field, Rachel Kaye, Alex Kopps, Geoff Mcfetridge, Serena Mitnik-Miller, Lana Porcello, Nathaniel Russell, Johanna St. Clair and Mason St. Peter.

Oh, you don't surf but you skateboard--they have you covered as well with repurposed skateboards.

P.S. I will likely be traveling to Costa Rica in the near future so lovely readers if you are so inclined I would love the pink and yellow Thomas Campbell model {smile}.


Caroline said...

Oooh...I'm learning to surf. An amazing cute and green board sounds like just the ticket!