It was 36 degrees this morning when I schlepped the kiddies to school, prompting a rather unusual cold weather post from a Florida girl. Not only does the Eco friendly activewear company Nau offer products made with recycled materials, they also strive for business practices that contribute to major change in the industry and the planet. I love this statement from their website.
To demonstrate the highest levels of citizenship in everything we do: product creation, production, labor practices, the way we treat each other, environmental practices and philanthropy. We believe that companies have a broader responsibility than simply generating profit. That's one reason we're blending profitability and philanthropy, what we believe is the new measure of success. Lofty? Perhaps. We didn't invent all the ideas we seek to combine, but we will stake ourselves to them.

We'll screw up sometimes, but we'll own up to our mistakes and keep moving forward, questioning assumptions in our efforts to get better. We invite you to do the same: Question us. Challenge everything we do. It's the only way we can truly improve.

Now if I only had use for some ski pants.



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