Green Tip {Tuesday}

Drink Responsibly. The production of our alcohol indulgences can be hard on our environment. The ingredients that are used to make wine and beer are typically grown using a cocktail of synthetic chemicals, not to mention the large amounts of fossil fuels used to ship these products worldwide. Thank goodness there are alternatives (because my sanity is at stake)!

When it comes to wine there are several sustainably grown options that aren't necessarily certified organic. The USDA does not allow certified organic wine to have any sulfites, which are used as a preservative. Good news for the sulfite sensitive but not so good for wine that has to travel long distances.


You might also consider a Biodynamic wine, this certifies that the wine is free of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. It also goes a step further and assures that the farmers adhere to Biodynamic principles such as applying a holistic approach to farm management.

Organic beer can be a bit harder to come by but it's one of the fastest growing categories of organic beverages. My husband didn't seem to mind this Peak Organic brand I picked up at Whole Foods.