Yo Mato.

Could someone please tell me what is eating away at my tomatoes? Then could you please suggest an organic solution. Thanks.

P.S. Growing stuff is not my forte.

P.S.S. Campbell’s is giving away seeds of the tomatoes they use in their soup. For every packet of seeds you request, Campbell’s will donate seeds to community and school gardens and to Future Farmers of America (FFA) clubs. Apparently Campbell’s also contracts with farmers who practice Integrated Pest Management and use sustainable soil care practices like conservation tillage, cover cropping, and crop rotation. Who knew?



nommo said...

It looks like blight to me :(

Possibly Botrytis... there's something in my "Vegetable Gardening Expert" book that looks like that too, but I can't remember the name.

Two Tall Girls said...

It looks like blossom end rot. It's about inconsistent soil moisture. Go check out what there is to say about it at yougrowgirl.com. Just do a sight search. Good Luck.

nommo said...

Aha - looked it up in my book. It looks like it could be sun scald..

"Pale brown, papery-skinned depression on the side of fruit facing the glass. Papery patches on the leaves. Exposure to bright sun is the cause.

Treatment: none
Prevention: Paint glass with 'cool-glass'. Damp down adequately, but do not spray the plants at midday"

The picture in the book looks similar to yours.

If it is blight - then you will start to notice the leaves and stems dying back too... I have had this with outdoor toms.

Two Tall Girls might be right if the patch is at the blossom end tho... that's a dry soil thing usually (so my book says!)

Green {Goody} said...

Wow, all of your comments leave me with one thought:: {the clean version} This stuff is hard!

I think I will just wait it out and see if the darn plant dies. blerg.