Green Tip {Tuesday}

Today's tip is short but sweet, sometimes I assume that my basic knowledge is everyone's basic knowledge, I forget there are people out there who are new to the game. So, here's a simple one: Remove the skin from poultry to avoid any fat soluble toxins such as dioxins or PCBs.

photo via:: flickr


Vintage Indie said...

Thank you from a newbie!

Do you do this before cooking I assume? Any tips for not drying out the chicken?

Green {Goody} said...

Yes, before you cook it. As for not drying it out, just don't overcook it. Easier said then done, huh?

Also, as a newb- please feel free to ask me any question, even if you think it's stupid. I'm not judgmental and newbs are my fav. Seriously.

pambamboo said...

YIKES! If you're at the point where TOXINS in the skin are an issue - you're at the point where it's time to stop eating factory farmed chicken! And that's not to even mention all the other problems: animal cruelty to they have no taste. Eat organic or at least 'natural' (no hormones) chicken. It is so worth the extra money!

Green {Goody} said...

I can appreciate your point of view, but in our current economy there are MANY families who can no longer afford organic meats or produce. I try to be sensitive to this fact. I want those families to know there are healthier options for them as well. Removing the skin is better than not doing so, no?