Menswear Holiday Styling Picks.


{coronzo nut cuff links + cotton red check necktie}

My menswear picks for this holiday season are from Baron Wells. Along with being stylish, BW strives to offer the very best in materials and craftsmanship. In October of 2010, they were named one of the 'Top 10 New Brands to Watch' by Monocle Magazine.
"I wouldn’t say we have a code of ethics – it is more like a soul and conscious. We need to be a profitable business but are conscious of our impact and the factories we choose to work with and the components that go into the collection. Whenever we can produce local, we do. Whenever we can source something more sustainable, we do. The one caveat is that we don’t let these restrictions diminish our sense of style and level of craftsmanship. If something is much easier to make in Italy or Japan, we will do that. Quality is what we seek – not cost structures." -Dominic Volini, Baron Wells co founder