Reigning Champ.


We are having our first cold snap of the season right now in Florida. That's right, I can whine if I want to, 33 degrees in the morning with a high of 69 is unacceptable to me. Call me a woosie. Whatevs. I try to steer clear of sweatshirts in my wardrobe because they tend to make me look like a college student, awkward when your toting around four children. Early in the morning when I do manage to fling my bones out of bed to take the ninos to school, I digress it is a sweatshirt I put on. Now since I don't consider a sweatshirt an investment piece, mine are cheap and rather disposable. Are you getting a pretty mental image? Probably not, huh? More often than not, I hunt down the sweatshirts of ALL sweatshirts in the Mora casa--my husband's. Oh yes, he has invested in a higher end sweatshirt and honestly the thing is older than dirt. Did I mention there is an age gap in our marriage? I'd hate for you to think I'm older than I am. You should know that my arthritis is flaring up though. What was my point again? Oh, right--sweatshirts. So when 'Reigning Champ' was brought to my attention I paused. I was told the quality is top notch, as well it should be for $99, but I love that it's made of recycled fleece. Some 75% recycled cotton, 20% recycled polyester, and 5% polyester fabric that is both environmentally-friendly and sumptuously soft to be exact. Done and Done. You should also know that I was told they run small. Oh, and they seem to always be out of stock so you must stalk it like prey. The person who lead me to the brand hadn't taken theirs off in a week, so I'm thinking it's worth it. Over and Out.

P.S. Reigning Champ has a pretty rad blog too.