Etsy Find Friday

I know it's not Friday but I've missed a few and I have been dying to write about this weeks featured Eco Etsy artist. Cara Taylor makes the most amazing one-of-kind  handbags out of recycled plastic grocery bags. I received a yellow clutch as a gift (Thanks Hollie) and it did not disappoint. The craftsmanship is amazing, as fragile as you may think grocery bags would be, this clutch is strong enough to withstand daily use. Even before receiving my handbag I contacted Cara as a recycling project for the kids. I thought they would get a kick out of seeing their collected bags become a great handbag for mommy. Ok, it was a tad bit selfish on my part, but green nonetheless! She uses donated plastic grocery bags, so if you have 50 or so laying around send them to Cara. It's great to actually see your bags be put to good use!